What if you could set yourself up for high ROI plus high ROH and high ROF?

Sucked into the patriarchal belief that success = busyness + money? That the only thing that counts is high ROI (return on investment)? What if you could set yourself up for high ROH (return on happiness) as well as high ROF (return on freedom)?


iPad HRH Module 1.png

Module 1 • Power of Sequencing

Goal • Freedom from Frantic Busyness

7 Case studies on the cruciality of doing the right things, but in the right order
7 Metrics of happiness beyond money
2 Most powerful tools to re-order your time and simplify decision making

Mini-quest • Create your Busyness Tracker + Freedom Tracker



iPad HRH Module 3.pngModule 2 • Solopreneur to Freedompreneur

Goal • Freedom from Suffocating Perfectionism

Ellany's 16 career overhauls that illustrate the power of flow and temporary trade-offs
5 Examples of the Daring-Falling-Rising cycle to build resilience
1 Most powerful tool to purge barriers to prosperity consciousness

Mini-quest • Purge and Burn your Negative Money Memories


iPad HRH Module 2.pngModule 3 • Liberation Recalibrations 

Goal • Freedom from Imposter Syndrome

9 Most powerful recalibrations of your inner compasses to shed patriarchical indoctrination, including:
Neurological re-wiring, Either/or syndrome, Exquisite Freedom Wheel, Happiness Quadrants, The 5 "It" factors, Feminine/Masculine Hierarchy of Needs

Mini-quest • Create your Post-it Wall of Greatness


iPad HRH Module 4.pngModule 4 • Power of Iterations

Goal • Freedom from Punishing Overwhelm

No. 1 classic reason why your masterclass doesn't sell
The importance of naming your Ideal Client Avatar and your Branding each in 4 words or less for high profitability
2 Most crucial assets to create in in your business: a client journey and a financial plan

Mini-quest • Create a Full Financial Plan on a Post-it 


DO you Dare to BE HAPPY AND free? ⤵︎