I co-build and live for a world where...

... every person feels cherished and championed to unleash her genius, so that it lightens and frees the world.



What is your story? 

What is your creative offering? 

What is your Opportestiny?

Opportestiny (n.)

An unfolding of opportunity + test + destiny


This is my story. ⤵︎

Ellany Lea - Spiritual Intelligence 4 Types of Knowing

This is my creative offering. ⤵︎

This is my Opportestiny


Dive Deep Into My Opportestiny™ 

Your Opportestiny

Your Opportestiny is a masterclass for women overachievers, phoenixes, wisdom keepers and entrepreneurs to unleash your masterpiece your way.

Product-Unleash-Your-Freedom     Product-Unleash-Your-Genius     Product-Unleash-Your-Creativity     Product-Unleash-Your-Brand     Product-Unleash-Your-Masterclass

Take a peek inside ⤵︎


    Tao of Creativity

    Identify creative blockages to let ideas flow

  • 10 Types of Freedom

    Assess your freedom to focus in your next step

  • Fulfillment Chessboard

    Examine your reinventions to redirect toward freedom

  • SFS Step 3 • Busyness Tracker • Sanity

    SFS Step 3 • Busyness Tracker • Freedom


    Busyness Tracker

    Time block the week to reclaim peaceful space for creativity

  • Wounded-Child-Archetypes-Book-Quiz-Set

    Wounded Child Archetypes

    Shed false identities to maturate the heart

  • UYF 4 Types of Knowing - Table

    4 Types of Knowing

    Inventory inner knowing to reclaim missing pieces

  • Fears Drilldown - Unmasking the 25 Faces of Fear

    Labyrinth of Fears

    Unmask the 25 faces of fear to amplify courage

  • UYF Branding Deck Template

    Branding Deck

    Assemble a concise deck to precisely articulate founder's vision

  • Branding-with-Sacred-Archetypes-Wheel

    Branding with Sacred Archetypes

    Select brand archetypes to own your originality

  • UYM Wisdom Inventory - 5 Freedom Factors

    Wisdom Inventory

    Gather wisdom/tools to assemble a unique teaching toolbox

  • UYF Product Suite - Solar System

    Product Suite

    Present your offer to matchmake clients with their needs

Fast-track your Freedom

Top Insights ⤵︎

Tao of Creativity • Transform Inspiration into Actualization

Creativity follows a tao [Chinese: 道], which means path, from chakra to chakra. Any blockage along the way can abort creativity. What are these blockages? Watch this wisdom video to stop living with foot on the gas pedal, but handbrake on.


Labyrinth of Fears • Unmask the 25 Faces of Fear

Turns out there aren’t 25 different types of fear. There is one root fear, which wears 25 different masks. If you could unmask each one, could you become fearless, as in less afraid? If you practiced fear dissolution, could you become fear-free? Let’s explore.


The Heroine's Journey... for a Woman Overachiever (Part 2)

Instead of transforming a hero from lone outcast to victorious warrior, The Heroine's Journey transforms a heroine from abandoned girl to reclaimed goddess....


My 16 Careers • Reinventing Identities as a Spiritual Guide (Part 16/16)

All these spiritual flues, energetic ascensions, and mystical experiences, I never asked for any of them. Did I? I feel like I made a heap of choices before coming to Earth, but I can't remember most of them. Would I have lived differently if I remembered those choices?


4 Types of Knowing • Reclaim Full Sets of Mind-Heart-Body-Soul Knowings

This is bad for us, yet we keep doing it. This is good for us, yet we don't do it. Why? Because mind-knowing (conceptual) is not enough. We need a full set of: heart-knowing (emotional), body-knowing (experiential) and soul-knowing (universal) to create and sustain change.


Reinvention Carousel • Unlearn and Relearn Identity and Creativity

There are 16 options for reinventing your identity, whether it be a business, brand, or creative identity. Each carry different levels of: success, suffering, joy and fear. Which merry-go-round will you ride?


Grief Autopsy • Name the Losses of Ambiguous Grief

You cannot find what you don’t know you lost. Was it even a loss if you never had it in the first place, such as worth, belonging, or childhood? A Grief Autopsy dissects ambiguous grief hands on. If you don't let your past die, it won't let you live.


9 Year Growth Cycles • Flow with your Natural Rhythms and Seasons

Do you flow with or against the natural season of your Life? You're not a goddamn salmon! You do NOT have to swim upstream against the current. When flowing with your season, there is an ease, a peace. When you force against it, you crawl on porcupines. What will you chose?


Dear Overachiever,


Success and fulfillment are not about how high you climb, but how far you have come... compared to yourself... 10 years ago.

For this quest, I offer you sublime courage, graceful ease, illuminating truth, fierce reclamation, and joyful co-creation.

Together, let's free your genius so it frees the world! I'll champion and guide you every step of the way. 🌹

xo, Ella