I imagine a world where...

... every woman feels cherished and championed to unleash her genius, so that it lightens and frees the world.

I Believe that...

... freedompreneurship is embracing entrepreneurship as a spiritual quest to free our genius, so that it frees the world. It invites you to:

sublime courage


to truest self

your innocence

through joy and play

Freedom Fundamentals Masterclass

Introducing 12 freedom fundamentals to guide you from a frantic one-woman-show to a joyful freedompreneur. Are you ready to rise from freedom seeker to liberator? ⤵︎

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Dear Overachiever,

I know you've lost friends for being too brilliant, got cast out for being too daring or different, and thought you had to become the best white man you can be. I also know you had the courage to break free from who you were told to be.

Now, I invite you to rest, discern and re-calibrate. You will not lose your drive by slowing down. You will not lose your ambition by doing less. You will not lose your capacity to achieve by letting go.

In fact, it's the opposite. In our safe sanctuary, where you are cherished, championed, and celebrated, your true genius will be unleashed, through clear vision and inspired action, to lighten and free the world.

You've got this, and I've got you 🌹.


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For the first time in my life, I felt seen for who I am, not for what I'd achieved. I had no idea that I had walked into the alchemical fire that would forge me from a freedom seeker into a liberator. All triggered by a date who stood me up!


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The Unsafe Child • Wounded Child Archetypes

🌀 Suffer from hyper-vigilance, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. 🌀 Overly naïve and trusting, thus attracting narcissists, sociopaths and/or con artists. 🌀 Take a lot of uncalculated risks, living close to the edge, with few safety nets.


SEP 6, 2020   •   2 MIN READ

The "Too Much" Child • Wounded Child Archetypes

🌀 Constantly misunderstood and told to calm down, be quiet and/or stop moving. 🌀 Others are intimidated / overwhelmed by the bigness of my ambition, energy, speed, creative pursuits, voice, etc. 🌀 Chronically repress my needs / desires, never asking for their fulfillment, fearing that they are “too much” for others.


Unleash Your Freedom

Unleash Your Freedom is our signature program for the modern freedompreneur. Think of it as spiritual warrior training to unleash your genius, your brand, and your masterclass, gracefully and joyfully.

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Free yourself...

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... free your business...
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... then free the world.

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Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
– Ellany Lea